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Financial Planning

Financial planning helps give a direction to your financial decisions. It helps you decide various investments that can bail you out of your financial problems.

Mutual Funds

Wealth accumulation with flexible investments, professional Managment & oversight, diversification & higher liquidity, tax benefits low transaction cost, safety & systematic investments.

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Higher returns. Enjoy greater payoffs from corporate FD’s , Flexibility, choose corporate FD’s as per your preference from a variety of tenures such as monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly, liquidity, lower risk.

Commodity - Currency Trading

Investment in commodities acts as a potential hedge against inflation, portfolio diversification and potential returns.

Alternative Investment Funds

Generally Uncorrelated to the Stock Market, Lack of Volatility, Direct Ownership, Direct Tax Benefits, Strong Income, Passive Investments,

Retail Broking & Distribution

Our broking & distribution business helps retail customers take informed investment decisions with a strong research-based advisory service.

Startup Equity

Invest in the equities of multi bagger start-ups in their pioneering stage, own the great chuck @ less cost before it booms.

Unlisted Securities

Diversification of risk, lower volatility, High growth investments, Peace of mind due to lesser volatility.

Help & Support

A Customer is the most Important Visitor on our premises. Our support team is available all through the week in helping clients with their queries.


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