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Brokerage plans

I Cap Financial Services provides an amazing platform for Investments in Equity and Other Stock Market related instruments. We are proud to introduce ourselves as an Ace Franchisee of India InfoLine Limited(IIFL). We are also among the most awarded Franchises for IIFL.

As a Franchise of IIFL, we assure you the best of services of this world class brand with a touch of personalisation from our scope of work. We provide

  • Variable Brokerage Plan (VBP)
  • Flat Brokerage Plan (FBP)
  • Value Added Subscription Plan (VAS)

Delivery Cash Volume: Brokerage applicable both sides

Monthly Volume (in lacs) Delivery Brokerage Rate (in %)
<1 0.60
1-5 0.55
5-10 0.45
10-20 0.35
20-60 0.25
60-200 0.20
>200 0.15

Intraday Cash Volume: Brokerage applicable both sides

Monthly Volume (in lacs) Rate (in %)
<20 0.05
20-100 0.04
100-500 0.03
>500 0.02

Futures Volume: Brokerage applicable both sides

Monthly Volume (in lacs) Intraday (in %) Settlement (in %)
<100 0.05 0.05
100-500 0.04 0.04
500-1000 0.03 0.03
1000-5000 0.025 0.025
>5000 0.02 0.02

Options Volume: Brokerage applicable both sides

Monthly Premium Volume**
(in lacs)
Intra Day (in %) Settlement (in %) Min Brokerage per lot
Min Brokerage per lot
Upto 4 lacs 2.5 2.5 100 100
4-10 2.0 2.0 100 100
10-20 1.75 1.75 80 100
20-50 1.25 1.25 60 100
>50 1 1 40 100
** Premium volume is (premium*lot size*No of Lots).


  1. The brokerage slab that you will be eligible for the current trading day, will be based on your volume achieved in each segment in the last 20 trading days (including current trading day) as per the exchange trading calendar.
  2. The brokerage slab is dynamic in nature and a client who invests regularly in the market will keep getting benefits of lower brokerages.
  3. All other statutory levies as applicable will be levied, Goods and Services tax @18% will be charged in addition to brokerage. Goods and Services tax, STT and other statutory charges are as per current rate and any revision in the rates then the same will be applicable.
  4. For customers using our Call Center services which are equipped with modern technology, there will be a nominal charge of Rs.50 per call exclusive of Goods and Services Tax.
  5. For customers opting for email delivery (recommended for being environment friendly as well as quicker!) of contract notes or bills, there will be no document handling charge. However for customers opting for physical delivery of contract notes/ bills, there will be a document handling charge of Rs.50 exclusive of Goods and Services Tax. You can change your delivery mode anytime. For changing the mode of the delivery from physical copy to email, please Click here to download the application and submit it to your nearest branch.
  6. The minimum aggregate brokerage will be Rs.25 per scrip exclusive of Goods and Services Tax per day for delivery trades in cash segment, subject to regulatory caps, as applicable.
  7. Charges/service standards are subject to revision at sole discretion of India Infoline Ltd as informed by communication sent by ordinary Post / Email.