Stand-Up India Scheme

Start-Up India Stand-Up India is a transformative campaign initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to foster entrepreneurship and promote economic empowerment at the grassroots level. This blog explores the objectives, benefits, and eligibility criteria of this game-changing scheme. Learn about bank loans, handholding support, mentorship, and the digital platform provided to underserved sectors like Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and Women Entrepreneurs. Discover how this initiative is driving economic growth and job creation across the nation.
Section 1: Overview of Start-Up India Stand-Up India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for promoting entrepreneurship and economic empowerment
Objectives and significance of the campaign
Focus on underserved sectors: Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and Women Entrepreneurs
Section 2: Bank Loans and Eligibility Criteria
Facilitating bank loans between 10 lakhs to 100 lakhs for greenfield enterprises
Requirement for scheduled commercial banks to support SC/ST and Women Entrepreneurs
Loan eligibility criteria: age, non-default status, and greenfield project requirement
Section 3: Handholding Support and Mentorship
Provision of required handholding support for entrepreneurs
Access to information on financing, credit guarantee, and skill development programs
Leveraging the digital platform for mentorship and guidance
Section 4: Loan Details and Repayment
Composite loan size, including term loan and working capital
Interest rates and security options
Moratorium period and repayment timeline
Section 5: Application Process and Borrower Categorization
Applying directly at a Scheduled Commercial Bank Branch or through the Stand-Up India portal
Differentiating between ready borrowers and trainee borrowers
Support from SIDBI, NABARD, and Lead District Manager for trainee borrowers
Section 6: Grievance Redressal and Complaint Handling
Provisions for addressing borrower grievances on the portal
Contact details of officers/agencies for grievance resolution
Document requirements for complaint resolution and feedback from banks
Start-Up India Stand-Up India is empowering entrepreneurs from underserved sectors to participate in the economic growth of the nation. By providing bank loans, handholding support, and access to mentoring programs, this initiative is creating opportunities for greenfield enterprises. Eligible individuals from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribe, and Women Entrepreneurs can benefit from this game-changing campaign to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. Explore the digital platform, avail of financial training, and receive guidance to establish successful businesses.

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