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We have conducted various Education Programs for Investors to Trade and Invest in the in the Stock Market with complete knowledge. As the saying goes, “Half baked knowledge is more contagious than No Knowledge”. In this dynamic and ever changing market environment we give prime Importance to learn as many tricks of the market which in most common terms we would call - Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

A subject matter expert would always refer to the markets as Speculative Investment Avenue, where as the others would refer to it as gamble. Education on the Topics of Fundamental and Technical Analysis would always empower investors on the following paradigms.

Our Unique and Interactive Training Programs are conducted at two different levels.

1. Basic Program
This program is focused towards first time Investors in Equity/Stock Markets. It aims at providing an overall outlook on how an Individual should invest and look at capital appreciation. The snippets of this program are as follows.

In this world of over crowded Analysts and advisors we at I Cap Financial Services are proud to announce our victory in earning a recognition for our outstanding range of product offering and service provided. We have been awarded the title of "the most promising financial planning and services Brand across south India for the year 2016.

2. Advanced Options Strategies and Technical Analysis.